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League Update:-

The 2000 L.I.B.A. (Leeward Islands Basketball Association) Tournament is due to begin on 8 June, 2000 in Antigua. A National pratice squad was put in place by SKABA in preparation for this tournament. With St Kitts being the current champions it is expected that a number of our college based players will be back to aid in defending this title. The team is led by Coach Lital (Junior) Benjamin. Lital recently returned home from the States where he attended college. His knowledge of basketball dates back to the late 80's early 90's where he played with Blazers a premier division basketball team which has had much success. Presently he coaches the Sandy Point A Division team and Manages the Junior. He attained a championship last year (1999) where he led the Sandy Point Junior team to their first ever championship. He now has the opportunity to lead a group of older well groomed guys in the field of basketball to retain the L.I.B.A. Championship Trophy. Lital is assisted by Trevor Marty Huggins(Asst.Coach), Dave Connor(Trainer) and Charles Morton(Manager)

The Caricom Championships is slated for July 2 to July 8. St Kitts will be participating and hopes to do well. Tournament will be held in Barbados.

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Junior Division- The Final four(4) were "Sandy Point, Ghetto Roots, Hitters and Cayon". Cayon defeated Hitters in a remarkable come back game by Cayon from 18 points down at the start of the Second Half. Ghetto Roots defeated Sandy Point without much of a struggle. The stage was now set for a Ghetto and Cayon matchup.

Ghetto Roots claimed the Championship. To achieve this Ghetto Roots had to fight hard to hold off a late charge by the Cayon youngsters.

The A Division is being played in two zones(West - East). Round Robin format. The Current West Leader is Fig Tree Dirt Revellers of which has successfully concluded their division without loss. New comers Old Road Jammers did very well for their first time in a Skaba league, they placed second in the West losing only one game. The East Division is still undecided but it seems as though Cayon will be the top seed followed closely by Hitters.

The number 1 team of the East will play the number 2 team of the West on Sunday 4 June, 2000. The number 1 team of the West will play the number 2 team of the East on Thursday 8 June, 2000.

Winners of both games will then meet in a head to head clash for the Championship on Sunday 25 June, 2000.

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The Premier Division regular season champions are Ghaut Bucs who rolled their way over everyone (except Ghetto Roots) with some very outstanding play by Lyle Duggins,Brian Benjamin,Calvert Huggins and Brian Morris. Their regular season record is 6 wins and 1 loss.

Following just behind is the mighty defending champions Hitters with 4 wins,2 losses and 1 game remaining.With the return home of three of their top guns (Jason Nolan,Lincoln Glasford and Tova Kiing) Hitters seems to be invincible for when the playoff begins. In his opening game Lincoln Glasford (Center Position) racked up some 21 points,14 rebounds and 4 blocks while Jason brought in 9 rebounds and 8 points, Tova King had 5 points and 4 rebounds.

Former champions Ghetto Roots suffered losses to Cayon,Police,Tickers and Trotters and came off with wins against Hitters,Ghaut Bucs and Quakers. Their season ended with 3 wins and 4 losses. They now await the remaining 2 games to be played by Tickers to decide which of the two will be relegated to the A Division.

The Quakers Basketball team has had a disappointing season to date and will be relegated to the A division. Their record is 0 wins and 7 Losses

The Trotters team suffered losses to Hitters,Ghaut Bucs,Police. Their final game was on Thursday 1 June, 2000 against Cayon of which they lost. Their record now falls to 3 wins and 4 losses

Cayon came up to the Premier Division after capturing the second place position in the A Division last year. They immediately took care of business by defeating Ghetto Roots, Tickers, Quakers, Police and Trotters, but then fell to the mighty Hitters and Ghaut Bucs in back to back losses.

Tickers the champions of 1999 A Division has pulled off what I think is a miracle to remain in the Premier Division. They desperately needed a win against Police or Hitters. Their game against Police took place on Thursday. Police turned out in few numbers for reasons unknown. Tickers saw an advantage and took it. The final score was 75 - 38 in favor of Tickers. Police needed to score just 52 points to force Ghetto Roots to the A Division.

Trotters, Ghetto Roots, Police and Tickers all have 3 wins and 4 losses and so the team that will be relegated to the A Division was decided using (FIBA RULES) points scored between all four teams. It so happens that Police came out with the lowest average and so will be relegated to the A Division.

The playoffs begins upon the return of the National Squad from the LIBA Tournament.

Of the eight teams only six will move on to the playoffs in a best of three for the Quarters & Semis and best of five for the Finals, the remaining two will be relegated to the A Division.