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League Update:-

The 2000 L.I.B.A. (Leeward Islands Basketball Association) Tournament came to a close with St Kitts retaining the Championship. St Kitts defeated B.V.I. IN A VERY CLOSE GAME ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Coaching Staff is Lital Junior Benjamin (Head Coach),Trevor Marty Huggins(Asst.Coach), Dave Connor(Trainer) and Charles Morton(Manager)

The Caricom Championships was held in Barbados July 2 to July 8. St Kitts participated and placed 8th in a field of 9 teams. Barbados took both the women and men championships.

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Junior Division- The Final four(4) were "Sandy Point, Ghetto Roots, Hitters and Cayon". Cayon defeated Hitters in a remarkable come back game by Cayon from 18 points down at the start of the Second Half. Ghetto Roots defeated Sandy Point without much of a struggle. The stage was now set for a Ghetto and Cayon matchup.

Ghetto Roots claimed the Championship. To achieve this Ghetto Roots had to fight hard to hold off a late charge by the Cayon youngsters.

The A Division is being played in two zones(West - East). Round Robin format. The Current West Leader is Fig Tree Dirt Revellers of which has successfully concluded their division without loss. New comers Old Road Jammers did very well for their first time in a Skaba league, they placed second in the West losing only one game. The East Division was won by Turfers followed by Cayon.

On Saturday 17 June, 2000 we had two games being played. Game 1 Fig Tree Dirt Revellers vs Cayon. FigTree was victorous. In Game 2 we had Turfers vs Jammers. Turfers was Victorious.

Fig Tree Dirt Revellers defeated SL Horfords Turfers to become the A division Champions.

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The Premier Division regular season champions are Ghaut Bucs. They however were beaten by Tickers in a best of three playoff. Hitters also defeated Cayon in a best of three playoff. The stage is now set for a Hitters and Tickers playoff Final to determine the 2000-2001 champion.

Former champions Ghetto Roots has been relegated to the A Division.

The Quakers Basketball team has had a disappointing season and will be relegated to the A division. Their record is 0 wins and 7 Losses